April Trip to Sevilla

Freitag, 17.05.2013

Yes yes..i know it is long ago that i wrote sth..but now I am back. :-)

We had our small trip to Sevilla for ca. 2 1/2 days, because we had our flight from Sevilla to Morocco. We had time before Morocco and after a bit as well. So it was perfect to come earlier and to spend our time there as well. Sevilla is really one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been. The buildings are very beautiful...the streets are so nice and it is big but not too big there. The only thing is missing is the sea...but Sevilla is fantastic. We were also very lucky, because during our stay, there was a Flamenco fair. So we spent our time in Sevilla to visit the Arabic castle, the city and also the fair. We had a really nice time there. 
Especially the fair was really nice..it reminded me of "Kirmes" in Germany or the Netherlands. It was really huge with fun attractions, food everywhere, people who danced Flamenco and of course music, music and music. :-)

Entrance of Flamenco fair in an Arabic castle in our hostel only girls :-) Jessy y yo in the garden of the Arabic castle hoi hoi hoi better than the boys haha

COPEA festival 13-4

Montag, 15.04.2013

Ok...something actual now haaha

I was on Saturday with some friends at a festival. It was my first festival in my life. And i thought really that I won´t like it....but it was actually really good. Good music with crazy people...and soooo but really sooooo hot....I´ve been also already a few times to the beach and the last two days even with Bikini. :-)))))))

Oh And I am so excited....the month will be crazy for meeeee....On Sunday we are going to Sevilla. We will stay there to check everything out and then on Monday we are going to MOROCCCCOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! WHOOOHOOOOOO
And this is not all this month....MY BABIES ARE COMING TO ALMERÍAAAAA!!
Ilse and Derrick...I can´t wait to kiss and hug you!!!!!!!! :-****** Love UUUUUU!!!!! :-****

call me maybe...haha crowdyyyyy yummieee paella para todoooooooos




Montag, 15.04.2013

The time flies here....it is unbelievable.....I still remember my first days here. I know how i told somebody that my parents are coming to visit me....and now they have really been here. :-))))))))))))))

I have shown them everything from cultural things here in Almería to beach, restaurants, shops, mall, all the nice streets to my house here of course. :-)
The best what my parents told me at the end of there trip here....it was the best vacation they had...because it was not only a "we are at the beach the whole day". We were almost the whole time moving...but of course...some siestas at the hotel too. hihihi
It was also good, that they met some friends of me here...so nice. :-)
It was so nice that they´ve been here...especially because of Eastern. And they didn´t forget to take some chocolate for me from the Eastern bunny. :-PPPP :-DDD
So sad that they are away...but I am faster back than I can imagine...:-S

early in the morning waiting for Ma downtown model pa :-) in the lobby posing ma In front of the hotel in the back the hotel Ma called it the my sunshine :-* Eastern on the streets...ui ui ui...really scary Eastern tired... at Alcazaba all the day hungry....every day haha he is watching youuuu sun of Almería downtown model pa :-)


Granada 24-3

Montag, 15.04.2013

Holaaaaaaa mis amigoooooos

I know, I know...it´s a long time ago. :-) I will try my best to tell you as good as I can what I the last three weeks did. hahaha

We went to Granada with the Erasmus group. It was really good. When we arrived there...the weather was really nice...only the evening was rainy...that means also wet feet.
We had a tour through the whole city and after. We saw a lot and we´ve been to an Arabic Castle "Alhambra". We went in the evening to a club which was really good...I didn´t expect something like this from the Spainards..haha..it is a really good club with good music.
We had the possibilty there to go to the Arabic shops. It was really crazy...we are in Spain, but the streets there gave me the feeling to be in Morocco. Everywhere poeple from North Africa...crazyyyy...:-)
One of the best parts of the trip was the "Tetería". It is an Arabic tea shop. The atmosphere was so nice, the tea veryyyyy tasty and the waterpipe also very good. We had also some Arabic sweets...amazing. :-) yummie


Dienstag, 19.03.2013

Ohh Jesus....Valencia... almost 5 hours by bus....and more than 5 hours back...horror...the last time that I go by bus that long.

Ok...the trip to Valencia contained only a lot of sleep and a beautiful sunrise. :-)
Arrived in Valencia....my first impression was....mhh..I expected more. Valencia is really big and nice, but not that beautiful I heared it should be...
First af all, we visited a big place...mhh...it looks nice...but I don´t know why we went there hahaha...and the whole trip contained walk, walk, walk...it was horrible...especially that I noticed that we crossed all the time the same streets or buildings...so it was really bad organized. Until 17.30 I walked and walked...but Jessy, Giulia and I weren´t in the mood anymore...so we thought...let´s do our own trip here in Valencia...hahaha...so we visited a really nice park and we´ve been crazyyyyyyy there...haha
Later on, we catched up with the group again...and again walk walk walk....and that the whole night...
After Paella, walk, walk, walk and a so called "party" ( :-S )...was the trip over and we had to go back to the bus...finally!!!!!!!!! hahahah
It sounds bad...but it was nice to see it once...I think everybody has to make his own experiences. :-)
We arrived Sunday at 9.30 am in Almería...and the first stop was bathroom and then immediately to the beach bar. We had some churros with chocolate. BUT again...frustration haha...the churros I had in THE NETHERLANDS...were better than the one I had in SPAIN...unbelieveable. :-P But maybe there are other places with good churros...haha

Ok...only this way to go and then more than ONE week off because of Eastern. :-DDD


This week was aaaaaaaawesome...

Sonntag, 10.03.2013

Hello my party people!!

Here I am again...without pictures but things to tell. There are some pictures of the last days in facebook. So i think it isn´t necessary to post them here too.

Since my first day here I feel very good. But I feel that I am finally home too. It´s a great feeling...because of the weather, people and because of the things which suprise you every day in Almería. :-D

I was this week the first time at the movie theatre in the mall. We watched an American movie in Spanish....yes....in Spanish....hahahahaha....In the beginning...i thought...nice pictures all the time haha. But after a while i could understand more and more. :-) At the end I was happy, becaue I could see that my Spanish has improved.

Of course we met each other all the time to watch movies together...to cook, eat, drink and to do other stuff together...it´s perfect. I have really good people in my groep. We are like a big family. :-) It´s makes everything easier...and it distract you from negative feelings.

On Friday we met at the beach after school. The weather was perfect. We played soccer and it was also possible to go sunbathing. GREAT! In the evening we all were really tired, because of our activities. But nothing can stop us hahaha so we decided to go downtown. We went to a Karaoke Bar. :-DDDD You can see some videos in facebook hahaha. It was so much fun...we are going to do that again. :-)

And Saturday was also really nice. Sara, a girl from Kroatia, had her Birthday. So we baked for her an Oreo cake. Afterwards, my housemate Giulia came finally back from Italy. :-D After that, Alex, an American friend, came to our house. We all booked a flight to MAROCCOOOOOO!!!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOOOO
And last but not least, we went all together to the Birthday Party of Sara. It was really fun. She cooked for us really good food and we played a lot of funny games. :-) After that, we went downtown to a club.

And yes...now it´s Sunday....:-) I will cook something with my housemate Jessy, because the others are still sleeping hahaha. After that, we will go to the beach for a walk and for frozen yoghurt. :-P Our men from our group are going to play poker today. And no girls allowed hahah...so we will have our girl´s day. :-D

Next week on Saturday I will go to Valencia for the weekend. So I am curious. :-)


Ok my lovely friends, peace out. And don´t forget to enjoy every day...even when it´s rainy! ;-) kiss u all

Trip to Cabo de Gata

Samstag, 02.03.2013

Hey Hey

I am back from a really nice trip to Cabo de Gata. We walked a lot to reach some places with a great view. It took the whole day...and now I am really tired too...:-D
The weather is becoming better every day...I look forward to the days without jacket.

sunset playing chilling at the beach somebody took us back to the bus station...so no long way back by feet Michal y yo church wild pelicans Jessy y yo


I am curious what will happend in the next days..every day here...is full of surprises.


No Chili please...:-P

Samstag, 02.03.2013

Hello party people!

Spain is wonderful...but I think the countrs hates me hahahahaha....I had a really hardy bardy cold...it´s better now...but I am still a little bit sick. But the second problem was immediately near. hahaha...we went to a friend´s house for a sit in. And of course...if somebody dares me...I have to do it. hahahaha So we put some very very spicey chili on sweet stuff and ate it..this was not the problem..I was better than Matteo haha...but after one hour..how can I say it...I felt a  bit sick...three times. :-PPPPP So the best thing for me was to going home at that evening. :-)

on the roof...sunset roof roof sunset in the flat before sunset hihi roof OOOHHH OHHHHHHH OHHH OHHHHH 2



Puuuu I am already 2 weeks in Almería. The time flieeeees...but I enjoy everyday. :-D We planned a trip to Cabo de Gata with some people. So we went to Matteo´s place and discussed some stuff. After that we met at the beach for lunch.

waiting until the boys arrive sunny day nice view while waiting Jessy y yo 2 tinto everywhere and anytime :-)


After our lunch Jessy, Sebas and I went to the shopping mall for the first time. It is very big and it looks really modern and beautiful. I found also some stuff..WHOOOOOHOOOOO



Tomorrow is the trip...I hope it´s good and we have all fun there...because we have a lot to walk. I will let u know....



Alcazaba & Co.

Freitag, 01.03.2013

Here I am again...i have some stories to tell.


It was the culture day of us al. :-) We met some Erasmus students and guids to visit the historical part of Almería. We all should stand there at 11 am....buuuuuuuuuut we arrvied there at 11.15 AND thank God we are in Spain..we were not late. We finally started the excursion at round about 12.00. haha 
We saw the Alcazaba, an Arabic castle in Almería. It was really nice and beautiful. The view was fantastic. It was also a great opportunity to meet new people...it was really fun. :-) And the people are very crazy and funny. I met there people from America and some "old friends" from  everywhere. :-) Oh and the weather was fantastic...more than 20° in February..hahaha unbelievable.

After Alcazaba...TAPA BAR WHOOHOO TAPAAAAA y TINTOOOO Tinto de verano yummy way to tapa bar Alcazaba A A A mini Alcazaba A Alex y yo view at Alcazaba Alexito pepito :-) A Turkey boys :-) picturrrreee Sebas y Jessy A YESAAAAA at Alcazaba A A way to Alcazaba at Alcazaba view view

At the next day i went to school. I had an appointment to organize my stay there. It was really helpful..i heared all the time again...don´t worry....buuuuut...it was really good. 
It is funny that i have to be in a very warm land....far away from home....and to become a cold...i still can´t believe it hahaha...it was one of my worst colds in the last years haha. I am definitely not used to a wind like here at the  beach.  
The weekend was a lot of chilling in bed, because of my cold. But i met also some of my homies here.

Saturday...chill with spain friends fun whoop


And we had a Birthday BABY who turned 20 on Monday. It was a really nice Birthday and we were in a really good restaurant. It was amazing. I know that some of u would LOVE it. AHHHH so great.

at the great restaurant Birthday kiddy grouuuuuuup pic


LOVE :-)


Day 6 20-02

Mittwoch, 20.02.2013

Helloooo partyy people!!!

Finally, good fruit. :-DDDDD

I am on my way to the city with Sheila. I have to ask for my bus card and then we will go shopping. WHOOHOOO...

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